Walker Morris
Walker Morris

Aaron Dixon, Senior Associate

If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

“Commercial and Contracting Solution Provider”

What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

“I have been involved in multiple different volunteering projects in recent years, some of which include being a governor for the local school in my community, helping organise charity and fundraising events in my local community and being involved in various community outreach projects through my local church.”

Graduate Profile

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

“Qualifying as a solicitor. The highly competitive nature of the process and the long journey of academic education (including a GDL and LPC), application processes, assessments and interviews followed by a 2 year training contract definitely makes you realise what an achievement it is to become a qualified solicitor at a high quality commercial law firm.”

What advice/quote would you give to future graduates wanting to join Walker Morris?

“Work hard, seek out every opportunity you can and be true to yourself.”

What one thing do you love about your job?

“I love building relationships with clients and really getting to know their business. In the commercial team we work in a wide variety of sectors and with many different types of clients, so there is huge opportunity to engage with different types of people, different types of businesses and different types of commercial arrangements on a day-to-day basis. This means that every day in your job is different and it really keeps you engaged in the work you are doing.”

Why did you choose us?

“I chose Walker Morris for 3 main reasons:

(1) Walker Morris has a clear desire to develop its people and give them opportunities to grow and develop. When I was applying for my training contract here at Walker Morris, I was attracted by the opportunity to get involved in more hands-on, client interactive work at an earlier stage in my career than some of the other firms which I came across;

(2) Walker Morris has adopted a distinctive approach in remaining a single-site law firm. This has cultivated a strong team ethos within the various departments of the firm and encourages effective collaboration between teams, so you really get to know the firm as a whole and can feel the strength of support which you have from colleagues, particularly on larger transactions; and

(3) Walker Morris provides the opportunity to work with clients at a local, national and international level. I have grown up in Merseyside and the Yorkshire region and I am therefore passionate about the great business which is carried out in the North of England, and particularly in Leeds. When applying for my training contract I wanted to apply to a firm which gave me the opportunity to be involved in international work, but which was also a big part of the local community in which it was based. Walker Morris is a perfect example of this type of firm and as both a trainee and a qualified lawyer I have been regularly involved in local, national and international work for various clients on transactions of varying sizes.”